Sustainable Coursework - Department of Theatre and Dance

THR 2017 Theater for Social Change

Taught by Dr. Derek Davidson

This course is a practical and seminar class focused on the history and theory behind "theatre for social change" and is grounded in participation, research, analysis, and performance. Students study and apply various theories and methodologies of theatre for social change (image, forum, playback, invisible theatre, etc.) to effect change related to social, economic, cultural, political, and interpersonal issues.

THR 2020 World Culture and Performance Studies

Taught by Dr. Kin Yan Elyssa Szeto

This course applies insights from performance art, theatre, dance and other art forms. Its interdisciplinary approach will allow students to have the opportunities to study the unique role of "performance" in various aspects of our society as well as the world today. The class will explore the concept of performance, and special attention will be paid to issues of multiculturalism and the cultural, political, historical, social, economic and technological contexts of performance studies.

DAN 2020 World Dance

Taught by Senior Lecturer Rebecca J. Keeter

This course will explore dance as a vital contribution to cultural understanding from various regions and cultures around the world including the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania.