Fast Facts About Our College

  • The College of Fine and Applied Arts is the third largest college on App State's campus.
  • 3,541 students are declared FAA majors as of Spring 2023.
  • CFAA has awarded a total amount of $150,845 in scholarships to 120 students for AY 2023-2024
  • 351 student internships during AY 2022-2023

Our Mission

The College of Fine and Applied Arts is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and innovation. Our focus on the student, applied learning and common connections empowers learners to think critically and act ethically. It promotes synergy between disciplines and the scholarly, practical and creative activities for which we are renowned. We embrace inclusive, accessible and sustainable approaches to storytelling, problem solving, creative and artistic expression, community organization and engagement at local, state, regional, national and global levels.

Our Vision 

We inspire engaged global citizenship among future thought and practice leaders by promoting synergy between disciplines and the scholarly, practical and creative activities that make our college extraordinary. In our caring community difference is not only tolerated it is embraced. Learners are encouraged to think differently, approach problems from different perspectives, seek different solutions to longstanding issues, amplify different voices, and honor the different lived experiences of community members and influencers. In doing so, we position ourselves to be national leaders in engaging, transformative, relevant and experiential education.

Our Core Values

Our commitment to excellence, innovation, freedom of expression and difference is longstanding, unwavering and deeply rooted in our college ethos. We actualize our shared values by demonstrating our commitment to the following:

Collaboration Working together as a community with internal and external partners.

Innovation Developing new ideas, processes, approaches and products.

Visibility Creating noteworthy community engagement with a positive impact.

Inclusion Supporting a community that embraces difference.

Transparency Operating openly and communicating effectively.

Advancement Securing resources to support faculty, staff, and students.

Sustainability Amplifying best practices for community resilience over time.