Fast Facts About Our College

  • The College of Fine and Applied Arts is the third largest college on App State's campus.
  • 3,537 students are declared FAA majors.
  • In 2017-2018, 181 students studied abroad through the college.
  • About 400 students in the college completed internships as part of their coursework in 2019-2020.
  • Nearly 100 students received need- or merit-based scholarships through the college's departments for the 2019-2020 academic year.
  • Of those tracked, 83% of Fine and Applied Arts students who graduated in 2015-2016 are employed or enrolled in continuing education.

2022 State of the College Address

Our Mission

The College of Fine and Applied Arts strongly supports the university’s mission statement that emphasizes the combined intent to develop in our students a genuine engagement with global citizenry and a strong sense of responsibility for creating a sustainable future. The college further endorses and supports the university’s mission to strengthen and integrate our students’ abilities to think critically and creatively, to communicate effectively and with passion, to make local to global connections and to foster genuine community engagement. Our college acknowledges as its primary mission the building of strong academic programs and active co-curricular activities. Concurrently, our college promotes an active and innovative interdisciplinary structure that fosters significant scholarship and creativity, transformative teaching and learning and just and sustainable engagement with local, state, regional, national and international constituencies. In order to fulfill this mission, we strive to provide support for faculty research, interdisciplinary collaborative teaching and engaged participation in community organizations so that we may live more responsibly in an ever increasingly diverse and changing global world. 

Our Vision 

The College of Fine and Applied Arts seeks to establish a creative and ethical educational environment for students that prepares them for careers in their chosen fields of study, and seeks to prepare them to be citizens who exhibit positive values, purpose, and direction.

In cooperation with other colleges of the university, the College of Fine and Applied Arts strives:

  • To provide for varied interests, desires, needs, and abilities of students.
  • To provide a liberal education for all Appalachian students.
  • To expand cultural horizons and develop appreciation of ethical and aesthetic values.
  • To prepare students for certain professions.
  • To prepare students for entrance into certain professional schools.
  • To provide sound foundations for students capable and desirous of advanced study.
  • To prepare students for graduate study and research.