The College of Fine and Applied Arts seeks to establish a creative and ethical educational environment for students that prepares them for careers in their chosen fields of study, and seeks to prepare them to be citizens who exhibit positive values, purpose, and direction.

In cooperation with other colleges of the University, the College of Fine and Applied Arts strives:

  • To provide for varied interests, desires, needs, and abilities of students.
  • To provide a liberal education for all Appalachian students.
  • To expand cultural horizons and develop appreciation of ethical and aesthetic values.
  • To prepare students for certain professions.
  • To prepare students for entrance into certain professional schools.
  • To provide sound foundations for students capable and desirous of advanced study.
  • To prepare students for graduate study and research.

 Important Information

Codes of Conduct and Policies

The entire Appalachian Family shares a responsibility to ensure a secure and comfortable campus for all. We should all be familiar with the following policies and information and be aware of what is happening with our fellow Mountaineers.