Student Forms 2023

The College of Fine and Applied Arts requests student forms be submitted electronically for expedited processing using the Google Forms Submission link

Process for completion of forms for undergraduate students:

1. Students should download the fillable PDF, type in the student and course information on all of the necessary form(s) requests, and save the PDF. Signatures for the instructor, chair, and dean are not required at this point. See #3.

2. Students will submit the saved PDF form(s) via the Student Form Submission link.

3. Form(s) will be received by the student records staff in the dean's office and will be forwarded to instructors, chairs, and associate dean for approval and signatures. 

4. After all required approvals and signatures have been received the form(s) will be sent to the registrar's office for final approval and registration. 

5. Students must plan accordingly to meet registration deadlines and those may be found on the Registrar's Calendars & Schedules

The following forms are fillable PDF files or links to other University pages: