The College of Fine and Applied Arts (CFAA) at Appalachian State University implements a student-first and transdisciplinary approach to learning combined with a steadfast belief in the power of experiential learning. This pedagogy helps us create an interwoven network of scholars and practitioners collectively dedicated to addressing the salient issues that underpin our anchor mission. We illustrate this dedication by actively engaging with local communities in deep and meaningful ways.

We Do Different, Differently

We are scholars, makers, doers, dreamers, and builders with an unwavering commitment to excellence, advocacy, innovation and inclusion. We demonstrate this commitment by honoring the varied lived experiences of our award-winning faculty, staff, students, alumni and partners; and by supporting diverse interests, ambitions, methodologies and approaches to our disciplines.


Applied Design

The Department of Applied Design is dedicated to fostering excellence in design education, design research, and professional placement. It offers bachelor’s degrees in apparel design and merchandising, industrial design, furniture design, product design and interior design.


The Department of Art offers degrees in art and visual culture, art education, graphic design, studio art, commercial photography and graphic communications management, with minors in art history, studio art, commercial photography and graphic arts and imaging technology.


The Department of Communication offers a comprehensive student experience bringing together all facets of contemporary communication, including a unique blend of distinct majors – advertising, communication studies, electronic media/ broadcasting, journalism and public relations, and a minor in communication studies. 

Military Science & Leadership

The Military Science & Leadership program includes instruction to develop self-discipline, physical stamina, and poise while offering skills in leadership, motivation, and conducting missions as an Officer in the Army, culminating in a minor in Military Science & Leadership and the bar of Second Lieutenant.

Sustainable Development

The Department of Sustainable Development focuses on the applied practice of pursuing transformative, community-driven development with concentrations in agroecology and sustainable agriculture, community, regional and global development, and environmental studies. Students pursue degrees in sustainable development with a concentration in environmental studies or a minor in sustainable development.

Sustainable Technology & the Built Environment

The Department of Sustainable Technology & the Built Environment (STBE) offers degrees in building science, architectural technology and design, construction management, sustainable building systems and sustainable technology, focusing on renewable energy, biofuels, green building, computer modeling, sustainable transportation, sustainable resource management and sustainable water and wastewater technology.

Theatre & Dance

The Department of Theatre & Dance offers degrees in dance studies, theatre arts, theatre design & technology, general theatre, theatre education, and theatre performance. It’s mission is to facilitate transformative experiences for students and the public which cultivate compassionate, creative, and collaborative communities through theatre and dance. 

A Message from Dean Shannon Campbell

I am deeply honored and humbled to lead a college that inspires creativity, encourages critical analysis, and challenges its constituents to know better, and do better. Read more

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