Sustainable Coursework - Department of Art

ART 4040 Seminar in Art History

Taught by Dr. Jim Toub

Professor of Art Jim Toub teaches a seminar in art history and theory on the theme of Art and the Natural Environment. The focus of this course is on the ways in which art is shaped by and shapes the natural environment. Issues related to art, nature and sustainability are examined from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. In addition, sustainability issues are included in his courses on the History of Modern Art (ART 3600), Art Since 1945 (ART 3800), and the History of Art from 1400 to the Present (ART 2030). In each of these classes the ways in which artists have understood nature and have created works in harmony with or contrary to the many ways in which nature operates have been an integral part of each course. Dr. Toub's current scholarly and academic interests are in the areas of landscape studies, the aesthetics of sustainable design, and post-secondary art education.

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