Sustainable Coursework - Department of Applied Design

ADM 4010 Sustainability in the Apparel Industry

Taught by Mary Louise Ray

This new course results from Apparel Design and Merchandising Instructor Mary Ray's desire to bring ideas and practices surrounding sustainability in the apparel industry to Appalachian State students. Ray has done considerable research on the subject, and last summer she attended an institute at FIT in New York focused on sustainability in apparel and textiles which greatly expanded her interest and learning. The new course will focus on issues of sustainability in the apparel industry pertaining to the environment, fair trade, and consumer responsibility. It will be a design course as well, in which students will design and create garments and other apparel products using, in particular, concepts of upcycling and zero-waste patterning.

INT 3005: Interior Design Studio IV

Taught by Jeanne Mercer-Ballard

Associate professor Jeanne Mercer-Ballard encourages her students to apply their sustainability knowledge by using principles of environmentally-friendly design, including selection of friendly fixtures, materials, finishes, furniture, lighting systems and controls, and acoustics for their global restaurant project. When Mercer-Ballard teaches INT 3200 Interior Design Systems II, she helps students explore sustainability for lighting systems (including daylighting strategies and controls), ceiling systems and specification to meet LEED and CHPS criteria, furniture selection to meet LEED and CHPS criteria, an understanding of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) including Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and environmental issues associated with lighting, such as health, dark skies initiatives/light pollution, coastal restrictions on lighting for sea turtles, and proper disposal of lamps including those containing mercury. Mercer-Ballard's teaching and research interests include culture in design, lighting design, and environmentally-sensitive design.

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