Graduation Audit

  • What is a Graduation Audit?
    • The Graduation Audit (Graduation Check Out) is a final review of the student's degree requirements provided by the Fine and Applied Arts Record Specialists in the dean's office. 
    • The purpose of the audit is to make sure the student has, or will have met, all of the degree requirements for graduation in the term they have applied to graduate. 
    • This is the last notification sent to students from the dean's office prior to graduation. 
  • When will I receive a Graduation Audit? 
    • You do not need to request the Graduation Audit. 
    • The Graduation Audit process begins when you submit your Online Graduation Application.
    • You should submit your graduation application for the term in which you plan to complete all degree requirements. This includes internships, study abroad trips, etc. 
    • Your Graduation Audit results will be emailed to your ASU email account.