Who is my advisor?

Your assigned advisor is listed in your DegreeWorks audit.  


Second Degree or Second Major

When first degree is from Appalachian State University

Attempted vs. Earned Hours

Attempted Hours

Attempted hours are defined as all hours accumulated throughout a student’s career at an institution (including all passed courses, failed courses, repeated courses, courses dropped after drop-add period, summer courses and transfer work). 

For example, a student who:

What is DegreeWorks and how do I access it?

DegreeWorks is a web-based tool available in AppalNet for you and the student to monitor academic progress toward completion of the student's program of study (degree, concentration and/or minor).

You can log into DegreeWorks through AppalNet using any browser. Your Appalachian username and password are required.

If you are unable to log in, please email degreeworks@appstate.edu.

How do I find students in DegreeWorks?

Once you log in and reach the home screen in DegreeWorks,  you can enter in a student's Banner ID or you can press the Find button (upper left corner of the screen), which will bring up the Find Students panel. 

While there are many options on this panel, we recommend either:

What if multiple students with the same name show up in a search?

If multiple students show up after conducting a search, you can scroll through the student list and search for the student's major. Instead of clicking on each checkmark to uncheck the students, you can click the Uncheck  All button (bottom right-hand corner) and then checkmark the student you intend to review.

What if a student is not in DegreeWorks?

Only individuals who entered Appalachian in fall 2009 or later and are currently enrolled as degree-seeking students are in DegreeWorks. 

The FAA Dean's Office will continue to provide manual senior checks for these students when they reach a minimum of 80-85 earned hours.

I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree. What is the BA Rule/46-Hour Limit?

You can count only 46 hours above the core / general education curriculum requirements in any one discipline toward your degree.

For example, if you have 52 hours toward your Sustainable Development, Environmental Studies BA, you would need to take enough courses outside the department to reach 122 hours without counting the extra six hours within your discipline. To graduate, you would need 128 hours total to account for the extra 6 hours you took within your department.

What should I see when I look at a student's worksheet?

DegreeWorks displays a student's program of study worksheet based upon the program, course information and catalog year in the Banner student data system and the curriculum scribed in DegreeWorks.

For degree-seeking, you should see a degree block and a major block, and a concentration block if the major requires a concentration. You should also see a general education block unless the student has met those requirements in some other way (CCC CORE, GEP MET, etc.)

How many semester hours do I need to enroll in to qualify for financial aid?

Fall / Spring Semesters

In order to be eligible for full federal, state and institutional aid, students must be enrolled full time, which is defined as 12 credit hours per semester.

Students must be enrolled part time (defined as a minimum of six credit hours per semester) to be eligible for any federal financial aid, such as Pell Grants and student loans.