Cameron Van Dyke sits with his wife and students at their sustainable community

App State professor builds small sustainable community with students Aug 23, 2022

Over the last four years, App State professor Cameron Van Dyke has embarked on an incredible journey of design and sustainability by creating a small community of tiny homes about 12 minutes from Sustainability Spotlight, Sustainablity
Members of the team with their solar vehicle

Solar Vehicle Team prepares for international collegiate races at NCCAR Apr 13, 2016

BOONE—While many students were coming back from spring break on Saturday, March 12, Appalachian State’s Solar Vehicle Team (SVT) was r

Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment, Sustainablity
Jacqui Ignatova at the Food Summit

Successful Food Summit held by Goodnight Family Department of Sustainable Development [The Appalachian] Apr 5, 2016

The 2016 Food Summit, Seeding Community Resilience, was held on April 2 with the goal of inspiring people to learn and take action in the loc

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Ryan Gillespie with his e-bike

Feasibility study tests e-bike market in Boone Mar 18, 2016

Boone—Ryan Gillespie has big ideas to improve the commuter experience in Boone.

Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment, Sustainablity
Solar Homestead

Solar Homestead part of Deltec's new line of net-zero energy homes Mar 3, 2016

Deltec has launched a new line of super efficient, net-zero energy homes starting under $100,000.

Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment, Sustainablity
Brent Summerville works on wind measurement device

Faculty member installs wind measurement device for Army Corps. of Engineers [The Appalachian] Feb 22, 2016

Brent Summerville, a sustainable technology Practitioner-in-Residence, recently installed a wind measurement system at the Kerr Scott Dam and... Sustainablity