Reebok designer mentors students in Applied Design capstone course

Fourteen lucky students are currently prototyping designs for Reebok Futures during the spring capstone course. Taught by Industrial Design Associate Professor Richard Elaver, the collaboration course between apparel design and merchandising and industrial design provides students with a unique opportunity to work with a current industry professional. The project was defined by Reebok, with students tasked with creating a new market opportunity.

Students have the added benefit of building their portfolios with an applied project, which is more highly regarded by a prospective employer than a classroom concept.  “While there’s no guarantee that any designs will be put into production, they will be seen by a Reebok designer,” said Elaver. “You never know what might pique his interest.” The course is also beneficial for Reebok, which is always looking for new ideas.

The students are working in groups to research target markets and create a wide range of designs to meet the needs of those audiences. Current designs include outerwear, travel gear and several types of footwear.  The Reebok designer visits the class each month to speak with the students, view progress and offer guidance. The class will culminate with the Apparel Design show on April 24, where student designs will be on display from 4-6 p.m. in the Schaefer Center.  

One student taking the course, industrial design major Rider Evans, is a finalist for an apprenticeship with Adidas Academy in Germany.  Evans has bested almost 300 students to become a finalist, and will be flying to Germany at the end of April to compete in the final design challenge.

The Industrial Design program hosts one capstone, or sponsored studio course, each year. Previous sponsors include Eastman Chemical, Erwin Tools, WilsonArt and ECRS. 


Reebok Sponsored Studio
Published: Apr 21, 2016 3:44pm