Jack Martin's Solar Bike Adventure

Not only do our Sustainable Technology and Built Environment faculty teach well, but they also embark on grand adventures - sustainable adventures, of course.

For example, longtime faculty member Jack Martin participated in the inaugural Sun Trip California this past summer.

Held in Europe since 2010, the Sun Trip is a showcase for new mobility forms, and each adventurer is considered a solar energy and eco-mobility ambassador to showcase the bicycle's efficiency.

The 2022 Sun Trip California group was composed of 10 people, including Martin. From May 31 - June 5, the group used their solar-powered bikes to travel from Palo Alto along a 500-mile loop along the ocean, moving inland.

In this first-time U.S. trip, these participants laid the foundations for the future development of The Sun Trip in the United States. Congratulations to Sun Ambassador Jack Martin!

The video below shows a trailer for an upcoming documentary. 

App State faculty Jack Martin participated in the 2022 Sun Trip California
Published: Oct 31, 2022 1:24pm