Interior Design students collaborate with the Department of Nursing

This spring, students in the Interior Design Studio V Collaboration Studio, led by Dr. Hessam Ghamari, Assistant Professor of Applied Design, partnered with Appalachian State nursing students to develop healthy environments for patients at the Foley Healthcare Center.

Ghamari’s students, in collaboration with senior nursing students under supervision of Tyia Dawson, Clinical Faculty in the Department of Nursing, worked to achieve design goals surrounding two different projects. The first project’s goal was to develop and design different prototypes of patient rooms while enhancing the patient and family visitors experience. The second project executed by students was to design a typical patient floor unit considering using a centralized or decentralized nurse's station.

“The collaborative project was an interesting experience, but it was really important for us to have,” said Kayla LaChance, a senior interior design major from Marion, N.C. “In the design industry, every project is an interdisciplinary team effort.”

The students worked with nursing students and faculty members to address design issues from the caregiver's’ perspective. While working on this project, students had the opportunity to visit the Foley Healthcare Center to speak with faculty, analyzing the facility from interior design perspective.

Following the pre-design phase, students developed their ideas and recommended solutions to design healthier environments.

Gissela Teran, a senior interior design major from Charlotte, N.C. reflected on the incredible real-world experience she gained from working with the Collaboration Studio.

“It can be hard to work with more than one other person, but learning about a person's personality is important, so that you know what they need and what they're good at,” stated Teran. “This is important for the real world. Everything I’ll do in a work environment is a team effort, so learning how to work with different personalities types has helped me grow as a person and grow in my leadership skills.”


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Published: Nov 21, 2017 11:31am