College of Fine and Applied Arts Award Winners Announced

The College of Fine and Applied Arts is proud to announce our award winners for 2022.

"As dean of the college it is my honor and privilege to recognize the stellar faculty and staff recognized by this year's College of Fine and Applied Arts Awards," said Dean Shannon Campbell. "Not only do these awardees represent our college with distinction, they regularly demonstrate the ways we do different, differently. I look forward to recognizing each of them at the upcoming Celebration of Excellence."

The award winners are:

  • Dr. Jean DeHart for Outstanding Advisor
  • Dr. Gregory Perrault for Outstanding Scholarship
  • Dr. Mira Waits for Outstanding Service
  • Elaine Hartley for Outstanding Staff
  • Dr. Shanshan Lou for Outstanding Teaching

Great work requires focus, energy, and effort, and these individuals exemplify the spirit of our college. Please join us for our Celebration of Excellence Awards to thank our award recipients for their hard work and dedication.

Winners were selected by their peers in the Fine and Applied Arts Award Review Committee.


Dr. Jean DeHart

"I view being an advisor as a great privilege. Students come to us at such pivotal times in their lives. Collectively and individually, they are bright, interesting, and creative. To be able to share in the dreams and be part of the progress of the talented and unique individuals who are our students is an honor."


Elaine Hartley

"It's quite an honor to receive the FAA Staff award, particularly considering all the accomplished staff in the college. After many years in the department, I'm impressed by all the talented students and find it gratifying to feel as though I have had a very small part in their growth. The Dept. of Theatre and Dance is a good fit for me. I genuinely enjoy working with the department's faculty, staff, and students and embrace the chaos!"


Dr. Shanshan Lou

"I am deeply honored to be nominated for the FAA Outstanding Teaching Award and am fortunate to have been selected for this award from among many deserving teachers in our college. I appreciate our college for its encouragement of faculty members to bring authenticity to teaching. I also appreciate that my students inspire me every day and make me a better teacher. I look forward to developing more opportunities that can benefit our students in the classroom and beyond. I hope to create a variety of programs through partnerships with companies and organizations that can inspire students from historically underrepresented groups to enter the advertising industry. I truly believe that diversity is a key driver of innovation. I will continue to cultivate an inclusive learning environment for all."


Dr. Gregory Perreault

"The interdisciplinary nature of the College of Fine & Applied Arts has informed and inspired so much of my scholarship on the newswork of journalists--journalists adapting to newsroom innovation, mitigating audience hostility, and managing their labor expectations--much of my research emerged in hearing from the brilliant work done by colleagues ranging from Applied Design to Art to Military Science. They have helped me think more deeply about journalism and allowed me to provide nuanced perspectives into the field. I'm honored by the award and thankful for the support of CFAA in investing in me as a scholar."


Dr. Mira Waits

"I am so honored to be the recipient of the FAA Service Award. It means a lot to be recognized for my contributions in this area. In my time here at Appalachian I have participated in a number of different kinds of service activities. I like service; I find it provides an outlet where I can strive to contribute to a collective good, and I get to learn more about the Appalachian academic community at large and how my skills and knowledge can be best put to use."

Published: Nov 2, 2022 1:33pm