Appalachian art professor creates classroom space using a bus with solar panels

Creativity and sustainability – at Appalachian State University, these two values often go hand-in-hand. As the founder of after-school art program Room 13, art professor Victoria Grube puts both into practice regularly. Grube has run the program, which is free of charge for local children, since 2009. In Room 13, elementary and middle school-aged children use donated materials and “found objects” to create art.

“Children have natural curiosity and great ideas on their own. The goal is for children to teach us how to use materials,” Grube said, speaking on how she lets the kids run wild with their ideas without direction from adults.  

Originally, the program was offered in Appalachian’s Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, and more recently moved to Wey Hall, which houses the art department. According to Grube, the program continued to increase in popularity, and often the students would spill out of the room and into the hallway.  

To solve this problem, Grube drafted a grant to purchase a school bus and is renovating the vehicle to become an art studio. In addition to finding a way to give new purpose to an old bus, her vision includes harnessing solar energy to power everything from sewing machines to power tools. Grube enlisted the help of Appalachian’s Department of Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment to build storage shelves, a roll-away woodworking bench, access ramp and a Tyvek awning to protect students and equipment from harsh weather.

Grube is also working with Appalachian’s Renewable Energy Initiative (ASUREI), a student-led organization, which, according to its website, “installs renewable energy and energy-efficient projects on campus.” According to ASUREI PR Co-Chair Aiden Wilser, the club is donating the solar panels and providing the funds to get them running.

The mobility of the bus is also useful. Grube is excited to take the studio-on-wheels to nearby areas and extend the reach of the after-school program. 

Vehicle construction is underway and is expected to be completed in April of 2019. To learn more about Room 13, contact Grube at

By Katie Dungan and Caroline Lubinsky

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Published: Feb 8, 2019 10:17am