Connect Weekend 2023

Connect Weekend, 2024 - Dates Coming Soon!

Connect Weekend is a celebration of the College of Fine and Applied Arts, its students and faculty, and their achievements. We will be hosting a Drop-In with Dean Campbell at Turchin Center with several student and faculty showcases, the annual Apparel Design and Merchandising Fashion Show (Showcase), Theatre and Dance's As You Like It, and more. Everyone is welcome!

One of the highlights of the Connect Weekend is Showcase, which is an annual exhibition of apparel designs created by Appalachian State University students in the Apparel Design and Merchandising program in the Department of Applied Design and a highlight of the College of Fine and Applied Arts and its Connect Weekend. This event is organized and planned under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Anthony Wilson. The main portion of the show will feature a series of cohesive collections created by students enrolled in the spring 2023 Apparel Design Studio IV class also under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Anthony Wilson.

Additional work featured will include individual student designs created in the following classes: Apparel Design Studio I, Apparel Design Studio II, and Sustainability in the Apparel Industry, as well as independent student designs created outside of classes, and winners of the ADM Denim Design Challenge. There will also be a brief exhibition of Apparel Design and Merchandising faculty designs.

The 2023 Showcase will be at Holmes Convocation Center

Judges this year include Ronnie Mark, Kati McPeters, and Samantha Young.

Connect 2023 Itinerary