Taking Courses at Another School (Visiting Courswork)

Taking Courses at Another School (Visiting Coursework)

Students who wish to take courses at another collegiate institution must seek approval from Appalachian State University PRIOR to enrollment at the other institutions. The instructions for requesting approval can be found on the Office of Transfer Services website. Failure to secure prior approval may result in the course(s) not being accepted by Appalachian. Other rules include:

  • An Appalachian student must be in academic "good standing" (he/she cannot be on academic probation)
  • Coursework at the lower division level (1000/2000) is evaluated by the Office of Transfer Articulation; coursework at the upper division level (3000/4000) is evaluated by the appropriate academic department.
  • Permission may not be granted if the course for which the student is requesting to take at another institution has been taken at Appalachian and a grade of "D-" or better has been earned.
  • Grades earned at another collegiate institution will not be computed in or allowed to affect the grade-point-average at Appalachian.
  • A grade of "C" or better is required for a course to transfer to Appalachian.
  • To graduate from Appalachian, a student must complete the following in residence:
    • As a minimum, the final thirty (30) hours (students who study abroad on an Appalachian-approved exchange are excluded from this provision); and,
    • A minimum of eighteen (18) semester hours in the major and (if applicable) nine (9) semester hours in the minor; and
    •  At least 25% of the credit hours required for the degree