Collaborator Request Form

HOW Space, hosted by the College of Fine and Applied Arts at Appalachian State University, is designed to foster collaboration and engagement between faculty, students and local community members. This downtown space showcases sustainable, creative and interdisciplinary projects.

How Space Usage Request Form

Requests are reviewed and granted by the HOW Space steering committee. Decisions are made based on how individual proposals meet the mission of the space. Priority will be given to proposals that meet the mission of the space, and that intersect with the College of Fine and Applied Arts, followed by University and community requests.

Requests for short and one-day events/ projects/ exhibits are reviewed on the first of each month, subject to feasibility and availability. Please submit sooner rather than later.

Longer project requests will be reviewed on March 25 for fall, August 25 for spring and January 25 for summer.

**Before beginning your request, take a minute to read over this form and gather the information you need for submission. Please note you cannot save the form and return later.**

Please provide the title of your event / project / exhibit.
Please provide the name and phone number for the primary contact person.
If applicable, please provide the name, email and phone number for a secondary contact person.
This request is being made on behalf of:
Please select all departments that apply.
Please provide the name of your student organization.
Please provide the name of your organization.
Please provide a link to your organization's website, if available.
Please check all that apply. This event / project / exhibit:
Please describe how your project is a collaborative effort.
Please describe your project / event / exhibit. Projects that are interdisciplinary AND that engage the community will be given priority. Please describe your plans, the scope of the event / project / exhibit, its interdisciplinary and community engagement, as well as specific stakeholders involved (max 500 words).
Approximately how many individuals will participate in the event / project / exhibit? For example, 12 students will be exhibiting artwork, or one faculty member will be presenting their research, etc.
Is the event / project / exhibit (check all that apply)
Please provide the course name.
If this will be a ticketed event, please indicate the ticket price(s).
Please describe audiences and /or external participants, if applicable.
Approximately how many people do you expect to attend?
Please select the option that best describes your event / project / exhibit.
Please include the specific date(s) of your event / project / exhibit. If you are requesting flexible scheduling, please specify the earliest start date and three possible time frames that will work.
Please indicate the length of your exhibit / event / project, and include set up and clean up time in your selection.
Please select the time of day you're requesting to use How Space.
Please check all that apply, and only those that apply. When possible, we will book complimentary programs at the same time.
When possible, we will share the space. For example, exhibitions may run concurrently with community discussions, or lectures. If your project will share the space, how will you accommodate other concurrent projects/audiences in the space? (max 300 words)
Knowing about even minor logistics for your proposal will help us with our scheduling. Will you need set up and break down time for your event / project / exhibit? Other needs or logistical concerns? If so, please provide a detailed description below.
Who will staff the space for the duration of your event / project / exhibit? What hours will he / she be there?
The success of HOW Space depends on everyone participating as stewards of the space. To that end, we ask that all users of the space leave it as they found it, or better. If different that the primary contact, please provide names, email addresses and phone numbers of those responsible for set up (making sure that all needs are met prior to the start of the event) and clean up (making sure the space is restored to the same condition it was in prior to this event).
Will work be hung on the wall? If so, how? We may get back to you with questions, or requests for alternate plans. (max 300 words)
If you plan to hang work, what is your plan for deinstallation? How will you ‘leave no trace’? (max 300 words)
Please consider other needs, such as lighting, furniture, display mounts, sound system, food service, staff, trash removal, etc. HOW space is not responsible for these, and you will need to make prior arrangements for special needs (max 300 words).
Will alcohol be served?
Please note, events serving alcohol require a university permit and a bartender. If your event is accepted, proof of completion of a permit will be required prior to the event. Please check the box below to indicate you agree and understand these requirements.