Using TechExcel

How to Submit Support Requests

If you need computer assistance you should first check with the ASU Help Desk at 828-262-(6266). They can resolve many issues or they can determine that your issue needs to be forwarded to the college computer consultants.

If the ASU Help Desk at 828-262-(6266) is unable to resolve your issue please submit a TechExcel Service Request at

Open a web browser and go to

Web Login

Log in with your ASU ID and password.

Click on the "Submit New" button to open a new support incident.

Submit New Button

Select which type of assistance you need.

New incident
Fill out the form as accurately and detailed as possible. Be specific.

Incident Summary Form 

***To respond to an incident ticket. Click the "Incident List" button and select the specific incident you want to respond to from the list.

Incident List Button

At the bottom of the ticket, respond in the "customer note" section and click the submit button.

Customer Note