Catalog - General Bulletin

Catalog (General Bulletin)

 A new catalog, or General Bulletin, is issued annually. While course offerings are fairly continuous from year to year, the faculty reserves the right to make changes in curricula, degree requirements and academic policies. The information in any given catalog is, therefore, usually valid only for the year of its issue, and is superseded by subsequent issues. Any changes in degree requirements do not, however, affect a student already enrolled in a degree program.

In those rare cases where specific required courses are no longer available, the Department chairs  will make recommendations to the Dean’s Office identifying suitable substitutes, which do not increase overall credit requirements. All students may elect to graduate in accordance with the degree requirements as recorded in the catalog that is current at the time of their first registration or any subsequent edition (provided the student is enrolled during a period in which the catalog is in force) except that any catalog chosen must not be more than ten years old.

Students who return to ASU to complete a degree but who originally entered the University prior to Fall 2009 may be approved to follow a Split Catalog. This means students who completed the Core Curriculum requirements (rather than the General Education) may be allowed to use their completed Core Curriculum requirements in place of the General Education requirements. Please see your Dean’s Office for information.

Students electing to graduate under a new catalog must meet all requirements (e.g., General Education, majors, minors, certificates, etc.) of the catalog under which they wish to graduate subject to the exceptions noted above. In order to change the catalog under which they intend to graduate, students must notify the Dean’s Office.

Changes in academic policies become effective for all students on the date of implementation regardless of catalog year for degree requirements.