Communication: Communication Studies Online

Communication Studies, BS

Major CoursesCreditsCourse Type 
COM 1200: Thinking Through Communication3Core Course
COM 2180: Communication Theory
(Prerequisite COM 1200)
3Major Core
COM 3200: Internet Communication3Applications
COM 3546: Selected Topics (Intro to Strategic Communication)
3Professional Context
Major CoursesCreditsCourse Type 
COM 2181: Introduction to Rhetorical Theory
(Prerequisite COM 1200)
3Major Core
COM 3341: Communication Ethics
(Prerequisite COM 1200 or permission of instructor)
3Major Core
COM 3548: Selected Topics (Strategic Communication Writing)3Applications


Minor Course CreditsCourse Type
MGT 3630: Introduction to Organization Behavior3General Business Minor
SOC 3550: Sociology of Work and Organizations3Sociology Minor
Minor CoursesCreditsCourse Type
CIS 2050: Information Technology in the Organization3General Business Minor
FIN 3010: Survey of Finance3General Business Minor
Major CoursesCreditsCourse Type 
COM 3300: Mass Media and Society3Public Contexts
COM 2124: Intercultural Communication3Professional Contexts
COM 3155: Persuasion
(Prerequisites COM 1200 and COM 2101 or COM 2105 or consent of instructor)
3Public Contexts
COM 3928: Communication Research Methods
3Major Core 


Minor Course CreditsCourse Type
MKT 3050: Principles of Marketing3General Business Minor
SOC 4560: Race and Ethnicity3Sociology Minor
Major CoursesCreditsCourse Type 
COM 3152: Communication in Organizations3Professional Contexts
COM 4432: Communication Studies Seminar3Capstone Course
COM 3312: Crisis Communication 
COM 2700: 
Foundations of Advertising




Minor CourseCreditsCourse Tpe
SOC 3750: Propoganda, Media and Society3Sociology Minor


All students pursuing a degree in the Online Communication Studies program are required to declare one of the following minors.  The minors available are General Business or Sociology.  Below are courses in the the minors  which are offered online at Appalachian State University and courses which need to be completed and transferred.


MinorCourses Completed by Transfer
Courses Through AppalachianCredits
SociologySOC 1000: The Sociological Perspective (3)

6 additional credits at 1000 level or above 

(Use Transfer Equivalency Course Search to search classes)
SOC 3550: Sociology of Work and Organizations (3)

SOC 3750: Propoganda, Media and Society (3)

SOC 4560: Race and Ethnicity (3)
General BusinessACC 2100: Principles of Accounting I (3)

ECO 2030:
 Principles of Microeconomics (3)

(Use Transfer Equivalency Course Search to search classes)
CIS 2050: Information Technology in the Organization (3)

MGT 3630: Introduction to Organization Behavior (3)

MKT 3050: Principles of Marketing (3)

FIN 3010: Survey of Finance (3)