Wey Hall Renovation

FAQs for Wey Hall Renovation Project
Updated Nov 7, 2022


This document reflects the latest information as of the date noted above. Please note that construction and moves are dynamic, and this page is regularly updated. Printed materials may be out of date — always refer to communications with the most recent date stamp.


How is this project being funded?

Funding for these projects comes, in large part, from recent allocations from the North Carolina legislature. This page provides more detail.


What is the scope of the renovations?

The Wey Hall project will include updates to offices, classrooms and workspaces, as well as the roof, select mechanical systems, disability access and the configuration of other building systems.


Who will benefit from the Wey Hall renovations?

Many people will benefit from these renovations, including Art Department faculty, staff, student majors and minors, as well as University College students in general education and first-year seminar courses. This page provides more detail.


What are the benefits of the project?

The renovations beginning in January 2023 will:

  • improve the look, feel and functionality of Wey Hall in general;
  • enhance the dynamic teaching and learning that occurs in individual classrooms, workshops and labs; and
  • foster even greater faculty and student interaction, collaboration and discovery.

All of these factors will positively impact our ability to recruit and retain outstanding students and faculty.


What's the timeline for moving?

As soon as the Fall 2022 semester ends in mid-December, the project team will begin preparing Wey Hall for extensive renovations. The target completion date for moving FAA faculty and staff offices from Wey Hall into East Hall is Jan. 1, 2023. We will share the plan and deadline for packing and moving offices and workspaces in the coming weeks. The Wey Hall renovation project is expected to be completed by the end of Summer 2024.


Where's the swing space?

With a few exceptions, classrooms, offices and workspaces in Wey Hall will be reassigned to other spaces on campus in time for the start of the Spring 2023 semester. Academic schedules for the Spring 2023 semester will reflect these new locations.

  • Several first-floor shops in Wey Hall currently used by FAA faculty will remain open for classes through the Spring 2023 semester. These shops include Metals, Sculpture, Clays/Ceramics, Photography and Printmaking. They will then be relocated to other facilities in May 2023.
  • While many of the classrooms in Wey Hall will be moved to East Hall, some of the unique labs in Wey will be relocated to Katherine Harper, Kerr Scott Hall and Turchin Center, which already have similar types of labs.

FAA leadership and department chairs will continue to communicate the specifics of these space reassignments to faculty and staff in the coming weeks.


What's not changing?

The Wey Hall renovation project and space reassignments will not cause any courses to be canceled for the Spring 2023 semester. Nor will the project impact FAA students' graduation plans for Spring 2023. The newly assigned spaces will support the same kinds of instructional activities, skills development and learning outcomes as the ones in Wey Hall.


How will we prepare for the move?

I know many of you are eager to begin preparing for the move. All FAA employees currently working in Wey Hall will have sufficient time to pack your supplies and equipment toward the end of the semester before the building closes for renovation at the end of the calendar year.

App State will use the same vendor that managed the move for the Sanford Hall renovation project. As soon as this vendor finishes designing the moving plan for Wey Hall, we will share that information, including detailed instructions about packing and labeling for those items that need to be moved.


Who was involved in planning?

The Wey Hall renovation project is the result of an extensive and collaborative planning process. This effort involved Academic Affairs leadership and staff; FAA leadership, including the Department of Art Wey Hall Executive Committee; App State's Facilities Management leadership and staff; and App State's construction partner, Muter Construction.

The project team members evaluated several different project scenarios for the Wey Hall renovations and selected the current plan for three primary reasons:

  • It allows us to continue serving the largest number of students (compared to other scenarios).
  • It allows us to complete the project in a timely manner — finishing the renovations in three semesters instead of four.
  • It allows us to invest taxpayer dollars in the most efficient and responsible manner — ensuring that the allocated funding is spent on building renovations instead of other contractor costs we would incur if the project extended to a fourth semester. 

How should employees prepare to move their supplies and equipment?

App State has hired a third-party vendor to facilitate this move. That vendor will provide employees with moving supplies (e.g., boxes, labels, tape, packing wraps) as they prepare to move out of offices and studio spaces.

For faculty and staff offices, the vendor will label all packed boxes, office furniture, university-owned computers/equipment with the "owner’s" name (i.e., person assigned to the Wey Hall office where the items are currently located) as well as that owner’s corresponding destination office/room number in East Hall. If employees would prefer to move their computers themselves, they should notify their department chair before doing so.

For studios, the vendor will label all packed boxes, desks, support equipment and other materials needed for the program area to function for the Spring 2023 semester with the names of the "programs/coordinators" of those studios as well as their destination studio rooms in East Hall.

In addition, if employees do not feel comfortable with the vendor moving their personal items, employees should plan to move those items themselves.


When does everything need to be packed?

The packing deadline for the move is Monday, Dec. 19, 2022. Employees moving their personal belongings and computers (with permission of their department chairs) should pack and move those items out of Wey Hall by that deadline.


When does everything need to be moved out of Wey Hall classrooms, labs and offices?

Employees moving their personal belongings and computers (with permission of their department chairs) should pack and move those items out of Wey Hall by Monday, Dec. 19, 2022. The third-party vendor will plan to move all other items based on that deadline.


Will FAA employees move everything themselves, or will there be help moving certain items?

Employees will not move everything themselves. A third-party vendor will be responsible for the bulk of moving. See the question and answer above regarding preparing to move supplies and equipment.


Will parking in nearby parking lots be affected by this renovation project?

No. The small parking areas adjacent to Wey Hall and the Schaffer Center will not be affected by the renovation project.


Will access to adjacent buildings, sidewalks or spaces be affected by this renovation project?

Access to adjacent buildings, sidewalks and spaces will be preserved during the Wey Hall renovation. In addition, access to first floor studios/shops in Wey Hall will be preserved/managed through the Spring 2023 semester.