Mildred (Mimi) Perreault

First Name: 
Mildred (Mimi)
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Department Rank: 
  • Ph.D., Journalism, University of Missouri, 2016
  • M.A., Communication, Culture and Technology, Georgetown University, 2010
  • B.A., Journalism, Minor in Religion and Politics, Baylor University, 2005
Professional Affiliations or Organizations: 

Fellowships, Grants and Awards

  • Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver Fellow for 2016, awarded at the Association for Education in Mass Communication and Journalism conference in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Environmental Protection Agency STAR Grant project submitted May 2016: "From Collective Knowledge to Action: Water Resources, Public Health, and Adaptive Planning in a Rural Mountain Environment, listed as associate investigator.
  • National Science Foundation Science Communication Workshop Grant, Investigator, submitted Summer 2016.
  • Grant Research with Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2013-2016, under award number R24HS022140. Project involves communication, education and chronic pain.
Research Interests: 

Mildred F. "Mimi" Wiggins Perreault holds a doctorate of philosophy from the University of Missouri School of Journalismresearch associate in Research Institute for Environment, Energy and Economics (RIEEE), Appalachian Energy Center, and instructor in the department of communication at Appalachian State University.

Perreault's research focuses on local news coverage of natural disasters, public information, and the strategic communication of journalists. Perreault has worked as a journalist and public relations professional in Washington, DC and South Florida.

  • Rolbiecki, A. J., Subramanian, R., Crenshaw, B., Albright D. L., & Perreault, M. (in press, 2016). Coming to terms with chronic pain: Exploring Resilience across a sample of patients living with chronic pain. Traumatology, Special Issue on Resilience.
  • Houston, J.B., Spialek, M.L., & Perreault, M.F. (2016). Coverage of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the New York Times, 1950-2012. Journal of Health Communication.
  • Perreault, M., Houston, B. & Wilkins, L. (2014). "Does Scary Matter? Testing the Effectiveness of the new National Weather Service tornado warnings." Communication Studies, Vol. 65 (5). 1-16.
  • Houston, J.B., Hawthorne, J., Perreault, M., Park, E.H., Goldstein Hode, M., Halliwell, M.R., Turner McGowen, S.E., Davis, R., Vaid, S., McElderry, J.A., & Griffith, S.A. (2015). Social media and disasters: A functional framework for use in disaster planning, response, and research. Disasters, 39(1).
  • Jenkins, J., & Perreault, M. (2016) Stay Tuned St. Louis: A case study in educational collaboration. Journalism Education, 5 (1), 155-169
Courses Taught: 
  • COM 2006: Introduction to Journalism (F16)
  • COM 3312: Crisis Communication (F15, SP16, SUM16, F16)
  • COM 3317: Social Media Strategies (F15, SP16)
  • COM 3318: PR Principles (SUM 16)
  • COM 4418: Public Relations Seminar (SP 16)
Mimi Perrault