Garner G. Dewey

First Name: 
Garner G.
Last Name: 
Applied Design
Department Rank: 
Associate Professor
Deans Office, FAA - Edwin Duncan Room 220 B
  • University of Georgia - Athens, Georgia, Doctor of Philosophy, Occupational Studies with functional minor in Instructional Technology, May 2004
  • University of Tennessee - Knoxville, Tennessee, Master of Science, Technology Education, May 1994
  • University of Tennessee - Knoxville, Tennessee, Bachelor of Science, Industrial Education, May 1992
  • Hiwassee College - Madisonville, Tennessee, Associate of Arts, Pre-Engineering, May 1989
  • Monsenor Sanabria Vocational High School - San Jose, Costa Rica, Tecnico Medio, Machinist, December 1986
Teaching Specialties: 
  • CADD/3D & Solid Modeling/Rapid Prototyping 
  • Product/Industrial Design 
  • Drafting 
  • Animation 
  • Technology Education 
  • Multimedia Instructional Design 
  • International Programs (Latin America and Austria)
Professional Affiliations or Organizations: 
  • Association of Career and Technical Education (ACTE)- Presently not active
  • International Technology Education Association (ITEA)- Presently not active
  • National Association of Industrial and Technical Teacher Educators (NAITTE)- Presently not active
  • Council on Technology Teacher Education (CTTE)- Presently not active
Research Interests: 
  • The integration of photography and virtual reality in CADD 
  • 3D modeling, rendering & rapid prototyping 
  • Latino immigrants' education, work and work ethic 
  • Biomimicry inspired design and nature photography

*Peer reviewed            **Invited               √ Award                 #Other publications

Dewey, G. (2010). Front Cover Photograph for 3rd edition of “The Commons” Appalachian State University Library – Boone, North Carolina – This publication went to win “Best in Show” Award at the American Library Association Annual Conference in Washington DC

Dewey, G. (2009). Front Cover Photograph for 2nd edition of “The Commons” Appalachian State University Library – Boone, North Carolina

#  Dewey, G. (2004). Effects of work experiences in the United States on work attitudes of Mexican immigrants (Doctoral dissertation, University of Georgia).

*  ** Hill, R., & Dewey, G. (2001). Moral and ethical issues related to appropriate technology. In R. C. Wicklein (Ed.), Appropriate technology for sustainable living (pp. 78-91).New York: McGraw-Hill.

# Hill, R., Dewey, G., & Payne, E. (2001). Georgia’s culminating assessment tools and procedures for technology education. Atlanta: Georgia Department of Education. (Contribution percentages: Hill-40%, Dewey-40%, Payne-20%).

# Lynch, R., Harnish, D., Smith, C., & Dewey, G. (2001). Status of workforce education as a statewide system in Georgia (Research document). – Athens, Georgia - The University of Georgia.

√ Dewey, G. (1996). Front Cover Photograph (Fueled by a Dream) and in the body of literature for photography book entitled Atlanta Summer 1996 by Austin & Bird –  Atlanta, Georgia.

# Dewey, G. (1993). Highlander Reports. My Summer Internship at Highlander.

Courses Taught: 
  • IND/TEC 1001 Technical Drafting
  • TEC 2011 Product Design
  • TEC 2188 Transportation Systems and Devices
  • TEC 2029 Society and Technology (Costa Rica)*
  • TEC 3538 Housing Needs and Current Solutions (Dominican Republic)
  • TEC 3541 Costa Rican Print
  • TEC 3541 Cuban Culture in Print (Cuba)
  • TEC 3542 Photography in Costa Rica*
  • TEC 3542 Cuban Culture Through the Lens (Cuba)*
  • TEC 3548 Construction Processes and Materials (Dominican Republic)
  • TEC 3547 Design and Culture (Costa Rica)*
  • TEC 3549 Biomimicry Influenced Design (Costa Rica)*
  • TEC 3549 Technologies for Sustainable Living (Costa Rica)*
  • IND 1010 CAD I: Imaging *
  • IND 2901 CAD II: Free Modeling*
  • IND 3801 CAD I: 3D and Solid Modeling*
  • IND 4401 CAD II: Animation and Multimedia*
  • TEC 4601 Advanced CADD
  • TEC 5538 Construction Processes and Materials (Dominican Republic)
  • TEC 5538 Housing Needs and Current Solutions (Dominican Republic)
  • TEC 5500 Technology and its Impact on Society (Costa Rica)*
  • TEC 5509 Technical Competency Development
  • TEC 5549 Technologies for Sustainable Living (Costa Rica)
  • US 3530 Costa Rican Freshman Experience*
  • Time-Lapse Photography - course taught at Vorarlberg University in Austria

* Course developed

Garner Dewey