David H. Domermuth

First Name: 
David H.
Last Name: 
Applied Design
Industrial Design
Department Rank: 
Kerr Scott Hall 13
  • BS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1980 Mechanical Engineering, Specializing in Machine Design
  • MS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1983 Mechanical Engineering, Specializing in Tribology (friction and wear)
  • PhD, University of Dayton, 1993 Mechanical Engineering, Specializing in Automated machining/artificial intelligence
Teaching Specialties: 
  • Manufacturing all phases, production-planning-process-project-MRP- JIT etc. 
  • Machining, Hydraulics and Pneumatics 
  • Engineering fundamentals, Safety 
  • Materials, CAD-CAM-CIM-CNC 
  • Statistics, Electrical systems 
  • Controls, Plastics, Thermodynamics 
  • Heat transfer, Machine Design
Professional Affiliations or Organizations: 
  • National Association of Industrial Technology 
  • Society of Mechanical Engineers 
  • American Furniture Manufacturing Association 
  • Mount Vernon Baptist Church
Research Interests: 
  • Global manufacturing 
  • Furniture industry
  • Domermuth, David H., Development of the Demonstration Prototype for the Fabrications Planning Subsystem of the Rapid Design System (RDS), Contractual Report, prepared for CAIA, Dayton, OH, 1991
  • Domermuth, David H., The Effect of Forward Slip on the Surface Finish of Cold Rolled Aluminum, Master's Thesis, Virginia 
  • Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA, 1982
  • Domermuth, David H., Quick Start CNC with a Vacuum Fixture and Laminated Plastic., Tech Directions, Ann Arbor, MI., Prakken 
  • Publications, Inc., October, 1996
  • Domermuth, David H., Training Winners, Tech Directions, Ann Arbor, MI., Prakken Publications, Inc., October, 1998 � Accepted for publication
  • Selected to present at the 1998 NAIT conference in Indianapolis. Heat Flow Analysis for Passive Solar Collectors
  • Domermuth, David H., Empirical Investigations of Solar Air Heating Technology for Food Drying, Solar Power, September 1998
Courses Taught: 
  • Tec-4557, Production 
  • Tec-2004, Metals 
  • Tec-3607, Electro Mechanical Systems 
  • Tec-3039, Materials
David Domermuth