ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE TENURED FACULTY MEMBER IN THE PEER OBSERVATION PROCESS (1) If asked to serve as a peer reviewer, the tenured faculty shall be granted the opportunity to excuse her/himself from this duty (given chairperson approval) if this assignment suggests major conflicts with other professional obligations or, if for personal reasons, the tenured faculty member thinks it best not to perform this service. (Should this be the case, and if the department chairperson approves, the non-tenured faculty member would be directed to select a replacement reviewer from the list of tenured faculty.) (2) When/if a tenured faculty member accepts the assignment, he/she would confer with the non-tenured faculty member for the purpose of selecting one of the two course meetings. There will be two observations, each with one observer. (As indicated elsewhere in this proposal, a "window" extending from mid-February to mid-March will be recognized as the peer review period, and both such visits/observations should fall within that time frame.) (3) Using a document, or documents (see VIII. Evaluation Instrument), the tenured faculty member will register impressions and observations of the class visited. Within a two week period following a visit/observation, the tenured faculty member will be asked to meet with the non-tenured faculty member and discuss observations. The document(s) shall contain a space for the non-tenured faculty member to register reactions to the reviewer's comments. At the conclusion of this meeting between the reviewer and the non-tenured faculty member, and after the non-tenured faculty member has had the opportunity to register reactions to the review, both parties shall sign and date the document(s). The signature of the non-tenured faculty member does not necessarily mean or imply agreement with the findings of the reviewer; rather, it signifies formal receipt and review of the document and its contents. (Note: As indicated under Role and Responsibilities of the Non-Tenured Faculty Member, he/she will be asked and expected to place a copy of the signed and dated Peer Review document(s) in the Teaching Portfolio. This portfolio is to be filed in the department office at a place to be designated by the chairperson.) Temporary/Part-Time Nontenured Tenured Track APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY ART DEPARTMENT FACULTY OBSERVATION REPORT Observer: Professor: Date: Time of Observation: Class: Section Course Title: Number of Students: Building/Room#: Observer's Brief Overview Statement: THE EVALUATION INSTRUMENT OBSERVATION OF CLASSROOM PERFORMANCE (PART I) Faculty Member: Class: Observer: Time and Place: Number of Students: Brief Narrative (Provided by the Observer): You may continue your narrative on the following page. Brief Narrative (continued): (Part II) FACULTY CHARACTERISTICS: Satisfactory See Comments 1. Oral Delivery Enthusiasm 2. Use of Instructional Devices 3. Organization of Presentation 4. Encouragement of Student Participation 5. Reactions to 6. Student Responses Comments and Suggestions by Observer: Unsatisfactory N/A Comments may be continued on next page. Comments (continued): (Part III) COURSE CHARACTERISTICS N/A See Comments Unsatisfactory Satisfactory 1. Course Requirements are Clearly Stated in Syllabus Course Outline is 2. Complete, Accurate and Current Evaluation Criteria are 3. Clearly Stated in Syllabus (Handouts) 4. Textbook and Readings are Clearly Stated in Syllabus Assignments are Clearly Defined 5. 6. Course Content Follows Catalogue and Outline 7. Course Calendar is Clearly Established In Syllabus Comments, Suggestions: Comments, Suggestions may be continued on next page: Comments (continued): OBSERVER SUMMARY STATEMENT Date Observer OBSERVED FACULTY MEMBER COMMENTS/RESPONSE Observed Faculty Date